Our team members are enthusiastic vapers and revel in the vibrant vaping culture surrounding us. Giving us a unique perspective allows us to appreciate the elements that matter most in vaping devices. 

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Who are we?

Established with a vision to revolutionize the vaporizer industry, GVTech has committed to creating, developing, and distributing top-of-the-line vaporizer products to cater to all vaporizing needs of enthusiasts. We’re passionate about what we do, and our dedication to our customers sets us apart. GVTech offers an extensive range of top-shelf products designed to cater to various vaping preferences enabling users to vape dry herbs, wax, and concentrates. Our vast experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the trust and respect of our customers. Our extensive experience has fueled our journey toward excellence and is shaped by years of experience, making us who we are. We count on you to join us in this transformative journey and let GVTech enhance your vaping experience like never before.


All products have been meticulously reviewed and approved by stoners. We take pride in offering products thoroughly reviewed and approved by our team.


Engineered in-house and subjected to rigorous quality control processes, we ensure that every product meets the highest performance and durability standards.


Our service team consists of knowledgeable professionals who are ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Why settle for anything less than a simple and practical product design?  Our products are designed with simplicity, ensuring they are easy to use and seamlessly fit into your daily life.


We value your privacy and will never share your personal information with third parties. You can trust us to handle your data responsibly and securely.


We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Relish in our comprehensive 1-year limited warranty, offering utmost protection.

Cannabis Connoisseurs

We’re far from being a buttoned-up, stuffy corporate company that places sales above all else. We’re a team of experienced cannabis connoisseurs who aim to infuse creativity and fun into the industry. Our brand builds on vibrant colors and bold products that leave a lasting impression, ensuring our customers return for more. We strive to ensure that every moment spent with GVTech products is an exciting experience means embracing endless excitement and creativity with every hit.

Brand Origins

The origins of our journey began when vape batteries flooded the market, and it became evident that many options were mediocre models that failed to deliver their promises. The market needed more options, leaving vapers with few reliable choices. Frustrated by faulty batteries, we realized the need for change. We embarked on a mission to create vape pens of exceptional quality, boasting impeccable battery life and safety features.

Cartridge Vapes

Cartridge vapes offer a safe and convenient way to consolidate prefilled and refilled vape carts with 510 thread connections. Along with the variable voltage and Preheat mode, cartridge vapes provide optimal power to work with all types of vape carts without damaging them. For effortless replacement, most cartridge vapes employ 510 ring adapters. All our cartridge vapes undergo multiple tests and inspections before arriving at our warehouse and supplying consumers.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Providing an alternative to traditional smoking, dry herb vaporizers deliver combustion-free vapor. To deliver the pure vapor, dry herb vaporizers employ the convection heat method with temperature control to vaporize to a certain degree. Unlike the traditional smoke-with-match, dry herb vaporizers produce transparent vapor smooth with less potency in benefit of flavor; consider it before buying because not all customers appreciate that.


Electric dab rigs, or what many people like to call e-rigs becoming increasingly popular because they are the most convenient way to consolidate concentrated wax products. You no longer need to use flame-full items like a gas torch because e-rigs make the vapor with one click. Easy to use and doesn’t requires special skills, e-rigs work on the same principles as traditional dab rigs.

Vape Pens

Vape pens became the first vaping products, but their universality remains one of the most used today. With eGo and 510 thread connections, vape pens are compatible with various atomizers, vape tanks, and vape carts. All GV vape pens experience numerous inspections and examinations before reaching our storehouse and delivering to customers.

Vape Carts

The vape carts became popular because consumers consolidate concentrated waxy oil products, and the numbers are growing. GV vape carts offer many choices to comply with the inserted product. Please contact us with special requests and customization work for a new or existing product. Our team provides complete development of new vape carts and packaging, from designing a logo and selecting the optimal cartridge to fabricate physical samples delivered to customers.

Replacement Parts

The replacement parts for GV products are available per request. Replacement parts with 510 thread connections, like dab globes or replacement coils, can be used on GV vaping devices. Please contact us if you can’t find replacement parts for your needs.

Customer Relationships

Our mission goes beyond just creating exceptional vaporizers. We’re committed to establishing and nurturing high-quality relationships with our clientele through our dedicated support team. Our support team is extensively trained and knowledgeable, enabling them to address questions or concerns. Our primary focus is to provide the best virtual shopping experience.

Choose GVTech to embark on an unforgettable vaping journey and experience a revolution in vaporizing. We’re dedicated to transforming your experience one hit at a time. We’re confident that our commitment to excellence and ingenuity will satisfy you. Join us on this exciting journey, and let us cater to all vaporizing needs.

We’re Here To Help

Our experienced onboarding agents are always ready to collaborate with you to identify the best solutions and provide valuable guidance. Whether you have questions, require valuable information, or seek consultation on specific requirements, we encourage you to contact us. To further assist you in navigating our range of products and finding the perfect match for your vaping needs, our experts will work closely with you to determine the best solutions and share their knowledge. And remember, our friendly and approachable tone reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Your Feedback Is Important

    Our customers are instrumental in shaping the future of vaping. We value your feedback and actively work on developing and creating new products based on it. As we continually strive to improve and cater to your needs, we consider your input crucial in developing new products. We take immense pride in the high quality of our products and stand firmly behind each product with an unmatched warranty, ensuring that our customers receive the best value for their money.